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Tribute To My Precious


"Dachsiedowns Klasicharm"


Dachsiedowns Klasicharm



Klasic was born December 18, 2001. He arrived to my family April 09,2002.

        He was more than I expected and the most beautiful dog I had ever seen. The  

            moment I  let him out of his crate he acted like he had always belonged

                 here.  It was love at first site for the both of us. He joined his friend    

Dachsiedowns  Laced  WRum and they were again good friends

and were inseparable. 

My husband and I enjoyed Klasic's "charm" beyond what I can put into words.

Last year,  June 08,2004, after a battle with a snake,

 we lost our precious boy, but he will always be in our hearts!

I want to Thank Rob & Sam Taylor of Dachsiedowns Kennels, Australia, for letting

both  Rum & Klassy and now Roy to share our home.

And Newest Addition Treasure.

(We have Dachshund Puppies For Sale)



Rainbow Bridge Poem:



 " The following are just a few pictures during the life of my Klasic."


Judy Kay's Dachshunds

Klasic 10 Day's Old With His Brother


              Judy Kay's Dachshunds

Klasic Playing In His Home Land Australia


   Judy Kay's Dachshunds

  Klasic With His Friend Walker, Home In The USA


Judy Kay's Dachshunds   Judy Kay's Dachshunds


                    Judy Kay's Dachshunds    Judy Kay's Dachshunds            

Klasic After A Hard Day Playing


Judy Kay's Dachshunds        Judy Kay's Dachshunds 

Klasic With Friends       


   Judy Kay's Dachshunds 

Waiting on Bedtime Snack


       Judy Kay's Dachshunds   Judy Kay's Dachshunds

                 "Two Best Friends"    "Reading Before Bedtime"


I am very pleased to say we have several children from our Klasic. His Prodigies lives on and have a lot to offer dachshund breeders with dachshund puppies for sale!



Rainbow Bridge Poem

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